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Don Dressler

Director, Don Dressler Consulting

Don Dressler has 40 years experience in safety, workers' compensation and human resources. He is a Consultant on insurance and risk management issues for private companies on workers compensation insurance and safety. Mr. Dressler is also an Attorney focusing on employment and human resources issues, accident investigations and OSHA compliance and workers' compensation defense. A former CEO of a workers' compensation insurer, he is admitted to the California Bar and the Federal Courts. A graduate of Stanford Law School has an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BA from Kansas State University. He is author of California Office Safety and How to Write Your Company's Safety Plan. He is Safety Group Manager for 3,500 legal and financial firms in California and also advises individual clients. He is founding partner in the human resources firm, Workforce Consultants.

Recorded Webinars

Managing OSHA Inspections and Accident Investigations

Was your company one of the over 50,000 inspected by Federal or a State OSHA this year? If not, will you be prepared as OSHA steps up its enforcement this year? We will cover what triggers an OSHA inspection, what you can expect when an inspector calls on your facility, what your rights and obligations are, should you request a warrant, and what you should do during the inspection and afterwards.

How to Write an Effective Safety Plan

The instructor has written over 130 plans for clients, handled OSHA reviews of plans, and can help you.

The Role of a Safety Committee in Improving Safety Outcomes

Safety is a non-delegable duty - but managers cannot be everywhere all the time. A safety committee adds capability to your safety effort - more focus, more eyes and ears, more places - at no extra $$$. A Safety Committee is a joint employer and employee group established at a workplace for the purpose of workplace safety and incident reduction and prevention.

Heat Illness - Prepare Now for the Summer of 2012; Avoid OSHA Violations

This program will help you understand California OSHA regulations regarding heat illness and the reasons behind such rules, provide you the resources so you can carry out training on heat illness prevention with your workers and your supervisors.