What is a webinar?

A webinar is an interactive web conferencing medium that is a blend of audio, synchronized slides, polling and Q&A sent over the Internet. Webinars allow you to access the LIVE content at your convenience.

How interactive is a TrainHRlearning.com LIVE webinar?

The LIVE Webinars allow you to not only get to hear the speaker live in an interactive setting but also to send questions, chat as well as interact via POLLS.

I am unable to attend a TrainHRlearning.com LIVE webinar. Is there a recording I can listen to?

Yes. TrainHRlearning.com also provides recorded Webinars, basically the completed audio visual recording of the LIVE webinar, which includes the Q&A session.

What is the registration process at TrainHRlearning.com?

  • First, please register on our website and create a unique user ID for yourself which you can use for all your future visits to TrainHRlearning.com. The ID allows you to see all the trainings – Live / Recorded that you have purchased till date and also offers multiple features like printing an invoice, altering a purchase, etc.,
  • Once registered, just select the training that you would like to purchase and proceed. You also have the option here, to select the number of attendees that you would like to obtain access for.
  • After the selection, you will be directed to our shopping cart which has a simple 4-step ordering process.
  • You will be requested to confirm the order and then to enter the billing details including your credit card information.
  • Before making the payment, you will be requested to reconfirm the training/s that you have selected and then proceed.
  • As soon as the payment is processed, you will be directed to the 4th and final page of the shopping cart, where you can print the receipt as well, if you wish to do so.
  • Also, a confirmation email will be sent to your e-mail id simultaneously which would contain information pertaining to the payment receipt.
  • The instructions and access information (link, login and password) for joining or viewing the webinar will be sent to you as per the schedule – 48 hours in advance for Live Webinars and within 24 hours for recorded webinars (where the Live webinar has concluded).

At what time should I login for the webinar?

The right time to login would be at least 20 minutes before the webinar - to check if your computer is working fine – audio and video. You will receive a mail a few days in advance of the webinar scheduled date and time with instructions to you–re your system settings for compatibility. TrainHRlearning.com recommends that the computer be tested at least an hour or two before the webinar is scheduled to begin.

Is there a provision for refund, if so, how?

In case you are unable to attend a Live webinar that you have registered for, you can send in a request for a refund by e-mail prior to 48 hours of the webinar's scheduled date and time. You must state the name of the course, date of purchase and the reason for the refund request. All refund requests will be considered and responded to within two business days of receipt of request.

In the event of a no-show or the non-functioning of your PC or server there would be no refund provided. However, attendee substitutions are welcomed at any time.

How secure is the Web conference event?

TrainHRlearning.com webinars are hosted with WebEx is completely private and secure. Webex provides encrypted and continuous security measures that protect user privacy.

What is needed for attending a webinar?

All you would need is a telephone and a computer with a browser & sufficiently good Internet connection.
Please click the link mentioned below to view the minimum system requirement for optimal performance of the conferencing tool: https://support.webex.com/support/system-requirements.html

How do I join a Webinar?

You can join a webinar using a PC or Mac®. You will receive an email, inviting you to join the webinar at least 48 hours before the webinar date and time. Please click the link and enter your name and email address to join the session by selecting the ?Join a Webinar? button.

Can I view presentations in full-screen format?

Yes. There is an option to toggle between Full Screen and Window viewing.

What if I need help during the webinar?

Please send a chat message and communicate with the Host from TrainHRlearning.com who will be present to support you throughout the webinar and will help resolve the problem.

Can I ask questions during the live webinar?

Yes, you can ask questions during the live webinar – just type your question at any time once the presentation begins.

Note: The speaker might provide an answer immediately, if it is related to the section that is being presented or the presenter might keep the questions to be explained in the Q&A section.

The TrainHRlearning.com team will ensure that all questions are answered either during the live event, during the Q&A session or in a personal e-mail after the Webinar.

Why have I not received the Email invitation with the link for the webinar?

Kindly make sure the Email ID that you have provided while signing up with us is correct. If it is, please check if the mail has landed in your spam/bulk mail folder. If you still cannot find this email, we request you to contact our Customer Support Team by email/phone, details of which have been mentioned in the Contact Us page.

Can I share my Recorded webinar access link or content with others?

The link sent is exclusively for you to access and is so mentioned in the terms and conditions agreed before the purchase was made. If anyone else you know is interested in viewing this Recorded Webinar, they must purchase it for themselves. The Recorded Webinar is provided only via streaming method and must not be downloaded.

How many times can I view the Recorded Webinar and for how long?

As many times, from any location, as you wish to, within the validity period. Post purchase, from the date you receive the email invitation, the Webinar will be available for six months.

What is the Difference between a Live and Recorded Webinar?

Here are the differences mentioned below:
Live Webinar advantages:

  • Fully interactive experience
  • Q and A with presenter
  • Chat and slide annotation
  • Next best thing to stand-up instruction
Recorded Webinar advantages:
  • Can be viewed as and when you desire
  • A great tool for review
  • An economical option as you can view it more than once
  • Less stressful