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Hendre D. Coetzee

Founder and CEO, Center for Advanced Coaching

Hendre Coetzee is a Global Executive Coach, International Speaker and founder and CEO of the Center for Advanced Coaching The Center for Advanced Coaching offers the very best advanced coaching tools to people developers globally, offerings include learning experiences on Advanced Coaching Mastery, the Neuroscience of Change and Transformation and the Mastery of Coaching Alpha Type Leaders.

Hendre is the author of the 90-Day Turn System a Customizable Coaching Program Suite that can be adapted to any company or consulting firm’s needs and culture. This coaching structure has been used by Fortune 500 companies and dedicated consulting services firms to create a custom in-house coaching process.

In the recent past, Hendre has served as interim COO and Lead Facilitator for the Behavioral Coaching Institute, training Master Coaches around the world. He has over 20 years of experience within the corporate domain, realms of social justice, non-profit and relief and development work across the globe.

Hendre’s experience varies from working as a facilitator for the integration between black and white youth in post-Apartheid South Africa, to negotiating mergers for large financial institutions, to developing performance-training modules for High Performing Traders on the NYSE and NASDAQ. His clients have included Microchip Technologies, API, Disney, ESPN, Estee Lauder, Revlon, New York Life, FedEx, NoRedtape, World Vision, Compassion International and Kershner Trading Group.

Recorded Webinars

Advanced Neuroscience-Based Coaching Techniques - Working with Teams

Teams and collaboration today have so much complexity and diverse unique paradigms. Though it is true that there is a lot of value that can be driven from all this resource how do you know that the techniques you are using actually activates the maximum resource available?

90-Day Turn Coaching System for HR Leaders

Discover how a proven and tested behavioral coaching model has been implemented to design a powerful coaching architecture and roll out company wide. The 90-Day Turn System is the foundation for a powerful and measurable coaching program rollout.