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Natalie Manor

Founder & CEO, Natalie Manor & Associates

Natalie R. Manor founder and CEO of Natalie Manor & Associates (NMA). Natalie is recognized worldwide as a leader in "people development." A highly effective coach and teacher, Natalie uses her expertise and creativity to innovate best practices for leadership, communication and performance management that accelerate the development of staff and leaders into individuals who are clear, confident and effective at moving their organizations forward, faster than they ever thought possible.

Manor has appeared on many TV programs, as a keynote speaker and is a prolific writer and co-author of five books "Give Stress a Rest", "Wholehearted Success", "Magnetic Leadership", "Communicate Clearly, Confidently, and Credibly" and "Roadmap to Success".

Manor is certified by the American Society for Training and Development and is a former member of the ICF and NSA. She holds the distinction as a certified executive coach. She was educated in Psychology and Education from Ohio University and has advanced training from the University of Lowell and the University of New Hampshire.

Recorded Webinars

Accountability For Mature Managers: Time Management Practices

The what, where, when, how and why of accountability based on our technology and behavioral implementation of work. You will learn what is working and what is not working within the idea of time management and accountability. This will add to your communication skill set. Learn why and how assessments of individual, teams and organizations prove the value of using the process of creating accountability and best practices of accountability.

Succession Management: Grooming Your Talent For Leadership Succession/Success

Succession management and grooming talent for leadership succession and success begins when someone is hired, continues as they work within the organization and their success is determined by the allocation of time and assessment criteria. You need to know who to develop and what the culture of leadership is within your organization. This is a deliberate development plan with strategic outcomes based on management input and opinion.