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Michael D. Haberman

Consultant, Advisor and Writer, Omega HR Solutions, Inc.

Michael D. Haberman is a consultant, speaker, writer and teacher. He is President of Omega HR Consulting, a consulting and services company offering complete human resources solutions. Mike brings 35+ years of experience in dealing with the challenges of Human Resources in the 21st century. He has a Master's in HR and is certified as a Senior HR professional.

He has over 18 years’ experience in the class room teaching human resources fundamentals and certification preparation. Mike is the author of the Human Resources blog found at , which has been recognized as a top human resources related blogs. He has also been named a top Digital Influencer in Human Resources.

Mike has gained a reputation as a compliance expert and as an HR futurist. He speaks on a variety of subjects to business associations, human resource associations and business based civic clubs. He has presented numerous webinars on various HR related issues.

Recorded Webinars

HR Department and Confidentiality - EEOC, HIPAA and NLRB Requirements

This webinar will cover confidentiality and the role the Human Resources plays in helping the company maintain necessary confidentiality. There are several laws that have specific requirements on how confidential information is to be dealt with.

Strategic HR - Understanding the Emerging Players in the Global Economy from an HR Perspective

Ten years ago the acronym BRIC, standing for Brazil, Russia, India and China, was coined to describe four countries that were identified as up-and-coming economic powerhouses. They have more than lived up to that expectation.

The National Labor Relations Act- Not Just for Union Companies

Union membership is at an all-time low. As a result many companies think the National Labor Relations Act is unimportant to most companies. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. The current National Labor Relations Board is very active in dealing with situations that deal with union and non-union company actions.

Handling Supplemental Pay Under the FLSA

Today's wage and hour environment has become one filled with peril for employers who do not understand how to deal with the Fair Labor Standards Act. The US Department of Labor has stepped up its enforcement efforts by adding investigators, forming an alliance with the American Bar Association in order to refer cases and creating a smart phone application that allows your employees to report their time directly to the USDOL.