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Scott R. Baird

Founder and President, Strategic Human Resource Solutions

Scott Baird is the Founder and CEO of Strategic Human Resourced Solutions. The majority of his work involves accurately diagnosing and treating all kinds of failures in human organizations: bottlenecks, barriers, power struggles, territorialism, and anything else that may constrain the human potential. He has developed over 200 employee skill/behavioral based training programs to enhance individual productivity and organizational effectiveness. Scott has consulted with over 150 companies ranging from Fortune 5 to small start-up in every corner of the world. Scott began his corporate carrier with RCA Records in New York City. He then moved to American Cyanamid in New Jersey, Chiquita in Central America, ARCO in Alaska, Worked Perfect and Novell, in Utah. Scott earned his Bachelors of Science degree and his Masters degree in organization behavior from Brigham Young University.

Recorded Webinars

Performance Management: The Key to the Castle

This webinar has been carefully designed to ensure an optimum learning experience. We have drawn upon the expertise of many of the best minds in the industry in creating a program that will not only inform, but teach practical skills, as well.

Assessments: The good, The bad, and the Ugly

In this dynamic course we will look at the best practices surrounding conducting internal investigations.