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David J. Wudyka

Founder, Westminster Associates

David J. Wudyka, MBA, is the Managing Principal of Westminster Associates of Wrentham, MA ( He has over thirty years experience as a Human Resource Consultant with a specialty in Compensation Consulting. David has taught extensively in colleges and universities such as UMass Boston, Bryant University, and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. David is especially interested in how the HR Dept. can strengthen its role as a Strategic Partner in businesses today. He is writing extensively about how to improve pay transparency and to reduce the gender pay gap in ways that make sense for businesses of all sizes.

Recorded Webinars

Using Statistics in Compensation

This webinar will address the statistics behind pay program design and administration, from the design of pay structures through the analysis of pay survey data.

Job Evaluation Methods and Plans

In this program the speaker will review the purpose and types of Job Evaluation Plans, used to establish grade levels for a company's job classifications.

90 Minutes Webinar on Executive Compensation

Participants who are new to Executive Compensation will benefit by this overview of the Executive Compensation Program in companies of all types. It will help those who have to design a new program for the first time, as well as those who need insight into established program concepts. The pragmatic Webinar Leader, David Wudyka, will offer his ideas for "do's and don'ts" when managing Executive Compensation.

Managing Pay Compression

Human Resource practitioners should attend this program to create and implement effective strategies for combatting compression in their companies. If left alone, this problem festers and leads to employee relations issues that don't surface until turnover signals its presence. The pragmatic Webinar Leader, David Wudyka, SPHR, MBA, will offer his ideas for "do's and don'ts" when managing compression.