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Marna Hayden

President, Hayden Resources, Inc.

Marna Hayden is founder and president of Hayden Resources Inc. She has 30+ years in the field of human resource management and is certified as a senior professional in human resources (SPHR). Hayden Resources Inc. provides management and human resources consulting and outsourcing services to small businesses and nonprofits, and specialized services and training to larger organizations. Hayden has held senior offices in the banking, retail, and service industries and is an adjunct faculty member for DeSales University.

Recorded Webinars

Auditing and Administrating Human Resources Policies and Practices

This webinar will concentrate on making sure you have current human resources policies that are in compliance with applicable laws and convey the desired practices in your organization.

Document Retention and Destruction

You should attend this webinar to be sure both you and your staff in charge of records understands the responsibility and importance of knowing and following proper procedures.

Valuing and Understanding Diversity in the Workplace Today

This webinar will concentrate on the definition of diversity today and the many different aspects of a diverse workforce.

HR Metrics for the Human Resource Executive

In this webinar we will discuss measurements and ratios that will be meaningful to the Human Resources Department and the Executive Team in determining successful use of human capital.