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Maximum Performance and Productivity

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6 months
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The pandemic has changed the way we work and many of us have been forced to work remotely. This has come with many challenges as we try to stay productive and efficient from our home offices - for some, that has become our dining room tables.

How do we minimize distractions so we can stay on track? How do we organize our day in a way to allows us to make progress on important projects and goals? In this high-energy presentation, you will learn key strategies to help you operate efficiently and productively, whether you’re working remotely, at the office, or in hybrid form.

Why should you Attend: We will be exploring the most recent neuro-science behind peak performance and productivity and how our brain utilizes energy through the course of the day. We will tackle the myth of "multi-tasking" and how it is counter-productive and damaging to the brain. Your audience will learn strategies to minimize stress and overwhelm and will leave with tools they can apply immediately to increase work efficiency and productivity.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Learn how to set up your morning to win the day
  • Discover the importance of using the 80/20 rule to maximize productivity
  • Experience how multi-tasking is detrimental to your efficiency
  • Learn to minimize stress with easy-to-apply tools
  • Learn to activate the #1 resource for sustained production throughout the day

Who Will Benefit:
  • All Employees Looking for Simple tips to Optimize Efficiency

George Carroll , the former collegiate football player who was severely injured on the field, shares his dramatic story of overcoming hardship, depression and suicidal thoughts. As a high energy speaker and business strategist for Tony Robbins, his motivational and light-hearted approach inspires others to adapt to life's inevitable roadblocks with optimism, mental flexibility and emotional agility. His engaging delivery will leave you feeling energized, inspired and ready to handle challenges, at work and at home.

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