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Improving Company Performance Through DEI

60 Minutes
6 months
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The pandemic has caused strain on many employees but even more so for those belonging to marginalized communities who may not have access to the same resources. Initiatives that address diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to building a resilient workforce and can work to improve company performance.

Why should you Attend: Promoting DEI in your organization has benefits that span beyond employee well-being. DEI can help your organization to achieve better performance by engaging the members of your talent who might not be fully comfortable with their working environment.

Cultivating an environment and culture at work that allows for all employees to feel safe and heard are key to building resilience that will help to protect the organization from the negative effects of future pandemics, disasters, economic lulls, and other impactful events.

Understanding what behaviors may be offensive in the workplace is important in the pursuit of fostering an inclusive environment for all of your employees.

DEI initiatives are effective when they are developed through informed processes. These initiatives should seek to achieve goals, such as building an inclusive workplace both virtually and onsite.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Defining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • The benefits of DEI
  • DEI and its role in crisis times
  • Promoting inclusion in hybrid work arrangements
  • The role of virtual leaders for promoting equity
  • Implicit and explicit bias and how they affect the workplace
  • Building resilience through strengthening the company culture and providing resources
  • Building an effective DEI initiative

Who Will Benefit:
  • Anyone working from home or doing work remotely or virtually

Dr. B. Lynn Ware, Ph.D. , President and CEO As CEO of Integral Talent Systems, Inc. (ITS) based in Silicon Valley, California, Dr. Ware is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist who has practiced for over 25 years in the talent management field with a strong focus on how to increase employee productivity for the benefit of achieving business goals.

Dr. Ware has created a process to build, measure, and improve an organization’s employee engagement program. This process has helped to increase engagement, productivity, and organizational commitment.

Dr. Ware has consulted on the creation of employee engagement surveys for several of the top Fortune 500 corporations. She has frequently been quoted on trends in talent management strategies in numerous publications such as the Associated Press, Computer World magazine, Network World and the San Francisco Chronicle, and has been featured several times on CNN as a national talent management expert.

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