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How to Lead and Manage a Narcissistic Manager

This course teaches participants to manage narcissistic employees effectively, including recognizing signs, using strategies, communicating effectively, providing constructive feedback, and managing entitlement.

60 Minutes
6 months
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Leading and managing a narcissistic employee can be an intimidating and challenging task for any manager. Narcissism is a personality disorder that is characterized by grandiosity, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.

Narcissistic employees can be difficult to work with due to their need for attention and lack of understanding of others' feelings. However, with the right strategies, managers can learn to lead and manage narcissistic employees in a way that is fair and beneficial for both parties.

This course will give participants an in-depth understanding of narcissistic personality disorder and the strategies needed to effectively lead and manage a narcissistic employee. Participants will learn how to recognize the signs of narcissistic behavior and understand the underlying causes. The course will also cover tips on how to communicate with a narcissistic employee, address their needs, and provide constructive feedback. Additionally, the course will discuss ways to manage the narcissist's sense of entitlement and their need for special treatment or attention.

By the end of this course, participants will have a better understanding of how to lead and manage a narcissistic employee. They will be able to recognize the signs of narcissistic behavior and use effective strategies to address their needs. Participants will also gain insight into how to communicate effectively with a narcissistic employee and provide constructive feedback. Furthermore, they will learn how to manage the narcissist's sense of entitlement and their need for special treatment or attention. With these skills, managers will be better equipped to lead and manage a narcissistic employee in a way that is fair and beneficial for both parties.

Why you should Attend:
  • Supervise or manage a narcissistic employee
  • Have managed a narcissistic employee in the past and want to learn how to be prepared to lead one in the future
Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Understand the traits of narcissism
  • Recognizing manipulative behavior
  • Developing strategies for dealing with a narcissistic leader
  • How to provide clear direction and feedback
  • Learn to avoid enabling narcissistic behavior
and more

Who Will Benefit:
  • Business Owners and operators
  • Novice and Experienced HR Generalists and Administrative Assistants
  • Payroll staff
  • Small Business Administrative Assistants

Brenda Neckvatal is an international award-winning HR professional and two time Best Selling Author. Not only does she help business leaders get the people side of their business right, she is a specialist in crisis management, government contracting HR compliance, and mentor to rising entrepreneurs, business leaders, HR champions and professionals.

Brenda has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Inc, as well as US News and World Reports. She started as an HR sprout after a solid fourteen-year career in retail management. She really enjoys helping people solve their unique problems, and human resources offered her the ability to support her co-workers more. Having the benefit of working for six Fortune 500 companies, she converted her experience into advising her audience to use tried and trusted best practices that help small businesses achieve their workforce goals. In her combined 30-year career in human resources and business, she has consulted with over 500 small businesses and C-suite leaders. She has optimized employee effectiveness and helped mitigate the high costs associated with making hasty employment-related decisions.

She has been involved with employee situations where they have engaged in workplace violence, a near stabbing, deliberately inciting fear in other coworkers, stalking women, breaches of protocol around national security, assault, suicide, death, homicide, and a potential active shooter.

Brenda is a devoted volunteer in the Navy SEAL Community and is constantly finding new ways of supporting veterans of Naval Special Warfare. She dedicates 32 weeks a year to working with The Honor Foundation to support the career transition of Special Forces personnel by providing them with her knowledge, insight, and creativity. Perseverance, integrity, and relentless optimism are just a few of the ingredients that make up what you experience when meeting and working with Brenda.

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