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Emotional Intelligence - Shift your Mind, Change your Life

The objective of this program is to help people shift their mindset, be more aware of themselves and those around them, and take action to change behaviors.

90 Minutes
6 months
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$195. One Participant
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An old friend of mine said to me once that life is short but it's the longest thing we'll ever do so enjoy it. I was once of the mindset that once I achieved a certain goal, once a certain bill was paid or once I got the next position I wanted in my career, THEN things would be better, and I would be happy. Want to know something? When you live the life of "once the is done then I will be happy" type of lifestyle, that one day never seems to come because you will ALWAYS find something to replace it.

Want to know a secret? The true secret? Being happy and content right where you are right now leads to bigger and better things to happen in your life because opportunities will come, and you will be able to recognize them. When you are constantly focused on the over there you miss out on the right here.

Did you know that the most successful people in the world do not necessarily have high IQs, but they do have high Emotional Intelligence? That's just a fancy word to describe how people manage themselves, their relationships with those around them and their awareness of self while doing it.

Before you can create a successful business; before you can create a fulfilling life, and before you can move up in your career and be happy doing it, you must get your mind right.

Using the principles of Emotional Intelligence combined with twenty years of experience in the social service field and over a decade of experience in the entrepreneurial world and community development, I've watched, learned, trained and now developed an introductory course that will start you on the path to internal success.

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious and working towards a goal but I'm talking about enjoying the here and now - TODAY. For the next thirty days we are going to journey together and learn how to be happy in the now. The objective of this program is to help people shift their mindset, be more aware of themselves and those around them, and take action to change behaviors.

Why should you Attend: This course if for individuals who want to improve their current state of being. They want to move forward in life and are finding it difficult. They may feel they are very intelligent and capable of great success but not understanding why they are not moving forward in their careers, relationships or life in general.

If you are wanting to improve yourself and social awareness, better manage your behaviors and improve your relationships this course is a great starting point.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Self-Awareness - getting to really know yourself and understanding why you do what you do
  • Building up your resilience - better managing relationships, your inner critic, and learning positive self-improvement techniques
  • Getting rid of the toxins - danger of comparisons, forgiveness of self and others, physical care
  • Making better choices - setting goals, smile science, social awareness

Who Will Benefit:
  • Employees
  • Middle-Managers
  • Managers
  • CEO's
  • Individuals out of the workforce
  • HR professionals
  • Employees

Jennifer Slay has spent the last 20 years as a registered social worker working with various populations. She is also a certified life coach, motivational speaker, trainer and author. Jennifer has earned two honors bachelor’s degrees, a master’s in social work and is a certified Extended DiSC trainer. She has also been trained in EMDR therapy. Jennifer was chosen as one of the recipients of the Queen Elizabeth the II Diamond Jubilee medal in 2013 for her community work and as one of Canada’s women of confidence in the national publication, Chatelaine magazine.

For the last five years, Jennifer has opened a private practice in coaching and counselling, has taught online courses, has been invited to speak in various settings from service clubs to major corporations and has been travelling with her children to various parts of the world. She is living what she preaches and is excited to partner with TrainHR to provide content to support your growth. Testimonials: If you are ready to do the work to see where that inner critic started and how to manage those negative thoughts, I recommend you work with Jen. Jen Slay is highly skilled at supporting you to gain clarity and take positive action. If you are looking to learn skills, tools, and techniques to increase and enhance mood, manage life situations in a positive manner, and take better care of yourself, call on Jen. – Jennifer Jimbere, Business strategist

Jennifer can raise energy and build confidence with her topics of motivation and inspiration. Don’t miss an opportunity to book the speaker that will leave your audience wanting to be more and do more in their lives – Sarah Hilton; Certified World Class Speaking Coach

Jen is a beautiful soul with exception skills in coaching, mentoring and finding peoples inner strengths to help them build on them. She has a lot of life wisdom to share from a 20-year career in social work as well as being heavily involved in the community. I highly recommend working with her to anyone who would like to move past known or unknown issues that may be holding them back form the life they desire. – Dr. Meg Haggitt

I knew I was a slave to that voice inside of me. It did not have a name, but it had power. I knew that I was limiting myself because of how that voice inside of my head was causing me to be defensive, to take everything person, to fear what others think of me, to have to be right and perfect. What I also knew was that there was a better way to manage that voice and speak to it…but I didn’t know what to say or do. And then I met Coach Jen Slay during the Slay Your Inner Bully course. She was not only down to earth and extremely helpful but because of this course I learned to be more self-aware. To pay more attention to how I respond to people and understand where others are coming from. To not take everything personal. To not care so much about what others think. I’m a work in progress, but I now have a script to guide me daily now and all of the amazing course material to refer back to so that if that inner bully rears its ugly head, I know how to put it in its place. Thank you, Jen, for being a part of my life and for helping me and so many others to start separating fact from fiction and seeing how great they really are. We all matter we all have something of value to contribute to this world. And because of this course I am more and more comfortable with shining my light. Thank you Shirley Brooks – Participant & Social Media Strategist.

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