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E-Writing @ Work: Getting a Grip on the Silly Stuff We Do with E-mail on the Job

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E-Writing @ Work: Getting a Grip on the Silly Stuff We Do with E-mail on the Job E-mail is the number one most widely used communication tool in business today; it surpassed the telephone for follow-up required communication years ago.

However, while it is the number one most widely used communication tool in business today, it is also the number one most widely misused and abused communication tool---because we do some silly stuff with e-mail at work!

Why should you attend:

You are being ignored.

Nobody's reading your e-mails.

It's true.  You're writing these memos and sending e-mails---and no one's reading them. You're e-mailing important project updates and attaching minutes from meetings, but when everyone shows up, it's quickly evident no one has even read the e-mail or opened the attachment. They received it, but they didn't read it.

That's a problem---and a huge time waster.

In addition, many professionals today tend to multitask with e-mail. Any e-mailed correspondence bearing your organization's name must be absolutely error free. Even a careless mistake in an e-mail can damage a business leader's reputation and can make an entire work group look bad. 

The solution is to Get a Grip on Email at Work!

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Five sure ways to get people to actually read your e-mail!
  • The top seven credibility-robbing e-mail mistakes and how to avoid them
  • The importance of a complete e-mail subject line-and how to write one consistently every time
  • How to obliterate sloppy, lazy, lax e-mails
  • How to make sure e-messages with your organization's name on them are absolutely error free with no embarrassing "bloopers"
  • The secret to using bulleted lists with e-mail
  • When you should NEVER send an e-mail
  • BONUS: A few practical punctuation pointers to eliminate run-on sentences along with hot topics such as tone appropriateness and SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS

Who Will Benefit:
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Administrative Professionals
  • Training Specialists
  • Learning Specialists
  • Development Specialists

Mandi Stanley With more than 16 years of experience on the seminar circuit, Certified Speaking Professional Mandi Stanley works primarily with business leaders who want to boost their professional image and with people who want to be better speakers and writers.
In 2003, Mandi was designated a CSP, Certified Speaking Professional. Fewer than 9 percent of all worldwide speakers have earned this designation, and Mandi is the first Mississippian in history to receive this honor through the National Speakers Association.

She's a summa cum laude graduate with concentrations in English, communication, and management, and served as a faculty member of the American Management Association for five years. Mandi is the author of The No-Panic Plan for Presenters, which was named a Finalist in the Career category at the Independent Book Publishers Awards in New York. Audiences appreciate her platform enthusiasm, interactive style, and content-rich messages.

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