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Conflict Management with Emotional Intelligence

60 Minutes
6 months
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Conflict is normal in the workplace, where people with different values, goals, and perspectives manage complex and stress-provoking work and situations.

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace but it doesn’t have to be destructive. By applying Emotional Intelligence techniques you can reduce negative conflict and learn how to constructively manage it and take advantage of its opportunities. You can learn how to transition a potentially negative situation to one that allows us to entertain new possibilities.

In this webinar we will look at how conflict arises and how to reduce its frequency by applying Emotional Intelligence. We will also look at how EI techniques can help us better communicate and get our point across as well as help reduce tensions or hostilities in others so that we can get to a positive outcome with lasting affirmative results.

Why should you Attend: Do you fear conflict? Does it add unwanted stress to your workday? Do you spend wasted energy worrying about issues you may have to deal with other people on? Conflict can be overwhelming especially when we don’t have a plan or procedure for handling it. But there are many techniques you can employ by using Emotional Intelligence that will help you minimize conflict and turn it into positive results.

Emotional Intelligence is the secret sauce to life that can help you live a more happy and stress free existence. Learning key EI techniques can help you reduce conflict and even look forward to it, as a way to refine your skills and create more positive outcomes for all.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Why we have conflict
  • The benefits of conflict
  • How Emotional Intelligence can help you manage conflict
  • Understanding where conflict comes from and how to reduce it
  • Calling assumptions into question and how to better understand others
  • What is said vs what is heard in communications
  • The fight or flight response is real - how to handle it with emotional self-awareness
  • Avoiding Emotional Shark Attacks
  • Techniques for diffusing emotions in others when tensions are high
  • Helping others feel they are understood
  • How to get your point across and accepted
  • Getting to the Heart of the problem

Who Will Benefit:
  • Anyone in Business

Jenny Douras is President at AdvantEdge Training & Consulting. She has over 25 years of experience in management, employee development, operations, instructional design and training. Jenny has managed teams of up to 300 people across multiple states and countries, working with several Fortune 500 clients. From this experience she developed her Remote Employee Management Class. She also sat on the board of directors for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development for three years, and is an active member of the Colorado training community.

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