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ChatGPT & HR: A Primer on Training the ChatGPT Tool

Upon completing this webinar, students will be equipped with the knowledge to leverage ChatGPT as a powerful HR assistant, Also the webinar serves as a lighthouse, dispelling the shadows of uncertainty by showing HR professionals how to train ChatGPT responsibly, taming its potential pitfalls.

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This webinar offers an overview of the training process involved in preparing the ChatGPT tool for use in your organization. We do not delve deeply into the technical facets of the training process. By the end of the webinar, students understand what it takes to make full use of the ChatGPT tool for their organizations.

Understanding ChatGPT and Transfer Learning

In this introductory module, students gain a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT, its capabilities, and its application in HR processes. We delve into the concept of "supervised fine-tuning" or "transfer learning," where the language model is adapted to a specific domain by leveraging existing knowledge from pre-training. Students explore the benefits and challenges of this process and how it contributes to tailoring ChatGPT for HR purposes.

Identifying HR Use Cases for ChatGPT

This module focuses on identifying a few HR use cases where ChatGPT can add value to various processes. Students learn to recognize opportunities for leveraging ChatGPT in crafting compelling job descriptions, developing engaging social media posts for recruitment campaigns, and streamlining interactions for managing current employees.

Data Preparation for Training

Training ChatGPT requires a robust dataset specific to HR processes. Students learn the best practices for data collection, cleaning, and formatting to create a high-quality training dataset. Understanding the Stud.

Training the ChatGPT Tool

In this core module, Students receive an overview of training the ChatGPT tool. We explore popular frameworks and tools for training, as well as cloud-based platforms that can simplify the process.

Maintaining Ethical AI Practices

As ChatGPT is integrated into HR processes, ethical considerations become paramount. Students explore the potential biases that may emerge during fine-tuning and learn strategies to mitigate them.

Deployment and Monitoring

Deploying the trained ChatGPT model within the organization requires careful planning and monitoring. We’ll review the deployment process. Additionally, we will talk about techniques for ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure the model's continuous improvement and effectiveness.

Webinar Benefits:

Upon completing this webinar, students will be equipped with the knowledge to leverage ChatGPT as a powerful HR assistant.

By training ChatGPT to cater specifically to their company's HR needs, students will revolutionize their HR processes, from talent acquisition to employee management, leading to increased efficiency and improved employee experiences.

Embracing ethical AI practices, students build a human-centric HR approach, ensuring the seamless integration of ChatGPT as a valuable HR tool.

Why should you Attend: The need for HR professionals to master ChatGPT is undeniable. To remain relevant in an AI-driven world, they must embrace this tool as a partner, not a foe.

This webinar unravels the enigma of ChatGPT, unveiling its full potential to revolutionize recruitment and streamline employee management. By wielding ChatGPT's powers responsibly, HR professionals can liberate themselves from mundane tasks, freeing up time to focus on the human touch that defines their profession.

Anxiety creeps in as HR professionals witness the relentless march of technology, rendering their roles vulnerable to obsolescence. Will they be replaced by an AI entity that can conjure job descriptions with unrivaled speed and precision?

Will ChatGPT master the art of crafting captivating social media posts, leaving HR professionals drowning in a sea of redundancy? The stakes have never been higher, and the webinar beckons as a glimmer of hope, arming HR professionals with the knowledge to harness ChatGPT's powers to their advantage.

Some professionals are worried: Will this AI wizard cast a spell on candidate selection, leading to biased outcomes beyond their control? Can it truly comprehend the intricate dance of human emotions, leaving employee interactions devoid of the human touch that defines HR's essence?

The webinar serves as a lighthouse, dispelling the shadows of uncertainty by showing HR professionals how to train ChatGPT responsibly, taming its potential pitfalls.

Learn what it takes to create HR tools that your organization can use to speed up the routine tasks of HR Professionals including job descriptions, interview questions, and fielding employee questions about policy and benefits.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Brief overview of ChatGPT
  • Understanding ChatGPT and Transfer Learning
  • A step-by-step guide on training the tool for use in your company.
    • Identifying HR Use Cases for ChatGPT
    • Data Preparation for Training
    • Training the ChatGPT Tool
    • Maintaining Ethical AI Practices
    • Deployment and Monitoring

Who Will Benefit:
  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • Employee Engagement Specialists
  • HR Analysts
  • HR Assistants
  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Consultants
  • HR Directors
  • HR Generalists
  • HR Managers
  • Organizational Development Professionals
  • Recruitment Specialists
  • Talent Acquisition Managers
  • Training and Development Managers

Deb Schaffer , PMP is President of ProProject Manager. She has over 25 years of experience in technical writing, project management, corporate technical training and instructional design, marketing, and process management. Deb has worked for large, Fortune 500 companies such as Lockheed Martin as well as small startups. She specializes in teaching technical topics to non-technical professionals, including ChatGPT. She teaches classes for Colorado Free University and is an active member of the Mile-Hi Chapter of the Project Management Institute.

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