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5 Ways To Quickly Transform Any Team From Spectators Into Stakeholders

September 7, 2022
10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
90 Minutes
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We believe that “engagement” is too passive and not descriptive of what we REALLY want; Buy-in, Collaboration and becoming Stakeholders. With our background in human behavior we want to show you 5 powerful ways you can bring out the best in every employee every day.

Business Leaders who master the skills of motivation, communication and feedback have a greater influence on their team, their workplace culture and their results. Leaders are in charge of ensuring that employees know what work needs to be done and how this work connects to organizational success so they feel purposeful. They need to know how to confidently perform their tasks and projects so they can get a surge of dopamine and experience WINNING every day! They will keep coming back for more

With over three decades of partnering with hundreds of clients to create sustainable business cultures and structuring their organizations to produce empowered “stakeholders” we have the proven tools and systems to guide your journey.

Why you should Attend: In this interactive session, participants learn the power of collaboration to increase “buy in,” elevate energy and to leverage change. They learn how to stimulate collaboration by setting goals as a team and clarifying performance behaviors that deserve coaching, feedback, recognition and rewards. They learn to create the workplace conditions to generate effort, enthusiasm and productivity. Collaboration inspires employees to become “stakeholders” who will partner with you to build your business! (No more baby-sitting). They are:
  • How to get our mind to work as a “goal machine”
  • How to determine an individual’s needs and what motivates them to speak up and take action
  • Learn the power of feedback on the individual performance
  • Know how to redirect behavior without crushing motivation
  • Ways to build confidence and reinforce productive behaviors
  • How to create contests and games that will reinforce behaviors

We have been transforming hundreds of workplaces for over 3 decades and with that experience we know there is a great advantage to have an outside perspective to guide the way. Our cultural agility solutions will equip your Leaders. Managers, Supervisors and Team Leads with a clear path, empower your people and can create competitive advantage going forward. Tap into our proven framework and build a dynamic culture for high-speed collaboration, innovation and performance.

Areas Covered in the Session: Did you know employees who receive daily feedback from their managers are 3x more likely to be engaged than those who receive feedback once a year or less? To succeed in that responsibility, managers need to be equipped to have ongoing coaching conversations with employees.

Unfortunately, most managers don't know how to make frequent conversations meaningful, so their actions are more likely to be interpreted as micromanaging without providing the right tools and direction. Some of the tools we will deliver are:
  • Every day activities that can create enthusiasm, cooperation, respect and teamwork
  • Introducing a new framework to set meaningful goals with the team
  • How to create engagement and inclusion with your disbursed or hybrid work teams
  • How to reinforce your healthy culture with daily communication, feedback and collaboration
  • Create new ways to reward, reinforce and encourage excellent behavior
  • How to develop more trusting relationships so you can coach them to the next level
This is what drives employee engagement.

Who Will Benefit:
  • CEO’s
  • COO’s
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Field Supervisors
  • Team Leaders

Kathryn Dager, M.A., President and Founder of Profitivity Inc. in 1985, is an internationally recognized Speaker, Consultant, and Trainer for small and large organizations in all industries, worldwide. With over 36 years of business consulting, talent empowerment, and leadership and management development, she has helped hundreds of business leaders and their teams structure their business for cultural agility, higher performance, sustained profitability, and growth.

Kathryn’s expertise includes creating business cultures based on trust, developing a successful path of training for all levels from the front line employees up to senior management positions, facilitating collaborative work teams, and positioning organizations for exponential growth. Her specialties include strategy and culture, change management, employee engagement, team building, career management, leadership assessment, and development. Her clients call her “the workplace whisperer.”

Her clients include American Express • Ann Taylor • Bank Of America •Ben Bridge Jewelers • Brighton Collectibles • Champion Sports • Covington Pediatrics • Crate & Barrel • Dixon, Hughes, Goodman, LLC • Eddie Bauer • First Tennessee Bank • GAP • Gymboree• Hometown Pharmacies • Hudson Group •J.C. Penney • Kitchen Collection • Lindt & Sprungli • Magnolia Pharmacy • MasterCard International. •Mikasa • Optilase Clinic • Party City • Polo-Ralph Lauren • Restoration Hardware • Ross Stores •Steiner Leisure, Ltd. • Taco Bell • The Law Collaborative • Thérapie Clinic • UCLA Student's Stores • • US Marine Corps • VONS Company • Windsor Fashions • Z Gallerie. Kathryn is the best-selling author of "The Business Owner’s Guide To Empowered Leadership,” “More Than A Throw-Away Job” and “Access Your Greatness.” She has created hundreds of customized training systems, and 20 interactive online courses and published over 50 articles. She has a Masters's in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a Bachelor’s in Business Management from the University of California at Redlands and is a Certified Coach from Life Mastery Institute. She is also a certified Master in NLP, Neuro Re-Patterning, Results Certification, and Platform & Presentation Skills

Kathryn resides in Santa Monica, California, and is happily engaged to be married, is a devoted mother to her daughter, son-in-law, and grandmother to her adorable grandson. She loves to cook, entertain, play golf, travel, and does all things crafts and if you ask her, she may sing a great show tune for you.

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