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4-Hour Virtual Seminar on Breaking Through Success Blocking Behaviour

July 20, 2022
10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
4 Hours
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Self-sabotage is the number one problematic success-blocking behavior that keeps us from taking necessary steps towards important long-standing goals. Manifesting a fitness, financial, business, or relationship goal is easy. Maintaining those goals can be a challenge due to self-sabotaging behavior connected to unconscious programs and patterns. These behaviors show up in a variety of ways. Sometimes they are obvious to us but usually, they are subtle and elusive.

This seminar comes with a self-sabotage detector test that you can take to see how you might be unconsciously blocking your success in different areas of life. This course is designed to help you become aware of these behaviors and equip you with practical effective tools to break through the subconscious patterning and reprogram yourself with healthier beneficial behaviors that help you reach your goals at work, and in your personal life.

Why you should Attend:
Have you or your staff ever been on the verge of a major success or promotion and then did something to sabotage it? Perhaps you frequently make preventable mistakes, run 5 to 10 minutes late to work or meetings, miss big deadlines, or always have an emergency that pulls you away from important obligations.

This not only affects the way your supervisors and co-workers see you but also influences the culture and morale of the entire workplace, especially if the behavior is repetitive.

Studies show that the underlying cause of low performance in the workplace and other areas of life is caused by unconscious feelings of low self-esteem or incompetence and limiting beliefs such as not being worthy of success. Even if you know what your success blocking behaviors are, understanding the core root of these unconscious pitfalls is half the battle.

This seminar will equip you with practical tools to safeguard against potential self-sabotaging behaviors and put you in a position to win at work and at home. When you implement these simple tools in your life consistently, you will notice shifts taking place that yields a healthier and happier existence.

  • Main causes of self-sabotage
  • Identifying success blocking behaviors
  • The five C’s of Success
  • Capitalizing on your time
  • Time management tool
  • How the mind works
  • Overcoming overwhelm
  • Emotional triggers and how to deal with them
  • Retraining the brain for success

Who Will Benefit:
  • HR Managers
  • Office Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Company Owners
  • Employees

Shara Prophet is a speaker, teacher, author, life coach, behavior specialist, and mystic.

She is the founder of Open Door Hypnosis, a global private hypnotherapy practice, and The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. School, an online learning institute for Spiritual Sciences and personal development.

Shara’s passion is helping others reach their full potential by teaching them how to harness the power of their subconscious mind to make positive life changes.

She has helped hundreds of people overcome emotional and mental blocks, release unwanted pounds, relieve anxiety, manage stress, increase their income, and improve their relationships using her proprietary B.E.M.A.G.I.C. Hypnosis Method.

Her motto is “Blessed is he/she who knows hypnosis is key.”

Shara has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Network, The Law of Attraction World Summit, The Spotlight Segment with Shay Vaughn, Voyage LA Magazine, and

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