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Antoni Lacinai

international expert on Workplace Engagement and Communication,

Antoni Lacinai is an international expert on Workplace Engagement and Communication.

His business passion is to decipher the mysteries of human communication, especially around conscious leadership, employee engagement, and customer service.

As a global speaker, he has been invited to speak on most continents, and he has coached thousands of executives and teams around the world. When large international organizations or national governments need to elevate for instance their leadership-, sales- and presentation skills they reach out to Antoni and his unique blueprint called Communication Insights/Sustainable growth.

To date, he has written and co-written 14 books and hundreds of columns and articles. He is a regular columnist in various magazines and is often interviewed on Swedish national TV.

Antoni was nominated as The international speaker of the year in Finland in 2022. In 2019 he came in 3rd place at the Swedish Championship of Storytelling, and he has also been voted one of the most popular speakers in Sweden in the last five years. His TEDx talk has been an inspiration to more than 300,000 viewers.