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Sarah Hilton

Founder, Spoken Advantage

Sarah Hilton has studied human behaviour and communication styles through her 20 years of working with thousands in the area of mental health. Sarah has the inside secret to communication and creating messages that are memorable whether you are speaking to one or one thousand. Sarah has spent the last 10 years coaching and presenting presentation techniques that lead audiences to change, grow and discover a world they may not understand. Through a caring and supportive environment, you too can speak out with a message that is memorable.

Your Speaker What does it take to be a powerful and persuasive presenter? Would you like to stand out from other speakers? As a known speaker on Communication, Sarah has combined her training and experience to create a speaking system that she uses to train, facilitate and inspire audiences of up and coming speakers, professionals and businesses working on their key messaging. Through an entertaining and engaging keynote, your audience will get up and take action; feel prepared to use The World Class speaking methods and Sarah’s speaking system which have outstanding results.